Micro Nutrients


A fine crystalline form of Boron commonly used as a dry application to the soil.

Boron Granular

A granulated form of Boron most suited to dry application by machine to the soil.  Boron Granular can be used on its own or in blends with other fertilizers.

Calcined Magnesite

Calcined Magnesite can be usefully blended with other materials, such as salt, kainit or sylvinite, to form a higher quality fertilizer product. It is a magnesium based typically containing 48% magnesium [80% MgO] derived from magnesium oxide.

Copper Sulphate Granular

Magnesium Sulphate Granular

Cream/White 2-5mm Granular, typically 27% Magnesium Oxide + 44% So3.

Manganese Sulphate Granular

Powerstart Range

Solumag 2-5mm

Sulphur 90

Granular Sulphur is composed of typically 90% elemental S + 10% Bentonite clay.

Zinc Sulphate Granular 90%